Shipping And Handling

Post and Packing are charged for our items, as follows:


of destination


1 envelope

Price of 

Product plus postage


2 packaged together

Price of 2

products plus postage

US tracked€22€71.95€28€127.90
Canada tracked€22€71.95€28€127.90
UK & Europe tracked€14€63.95€17.50€117.40
Australia tracked€29.50€79.45€34€133.90
Ireland tracked€8.40€58.35€9€108.90

We usually send orders by An Post – if you would like us to provide alternative options using a courier such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS, please email us at [email protected]

Delivery Schedule

In the case of your surname already existing in our collection, we aim to process your order right away and will normally despatch your order within 3 business days.  

If your surname is not currently part of our expanding collection, please email us for further information at [email protected].