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Names of Hibernia’s Achievement of Arms designs are executed using techniques and styles similar to those employed in early heraldic art and design.

 The strong, bright heraldic colours, achieved by using gouache paint, the flowing outlines of bold brushwork, in conjunction with subtle modelling and shading of the charges, all combine to ensure this unique Armorial design creates an exciting visual impact. The stylized way in which the charges are depicted in the Shield and Crest, both animate and inanimate, echo that of early heraldic ensigns, which were originally used to distinguish ruling families as dynastic and territorial emblems, in both war and peace.  

Our product is 100% Irish made. Each original Achievement of Arms is uniquely designed and hand-painted in vibrant colours using gouache, assuring the high quality of each piece. You have purchased a high-quality archival print. Please handle with care. Keep in its protective envelope until framed and protect from direct sunlight.

The components of Names of Hibernia’s Coats of Arms bring together the different elements of heraldic symbolism from our Celtic past, pre-Christian mythology and our Irish traditions.

THE CELTIC TORC was a piece of jewellery, made of precious metals, worn around the neck. In Latin ‘torquere’ means ‘to twist’. For the Celts, jewellery was seen as a sign of high rank and nobility.

THE CELTIC TRINITY KNOT is recognised as a symbol of infinity, ‘triquetra’ meaning ‘triangle’ in Latin. It is a religious symbol with both pagan and Christian heritage.

THE HOLLY TREE is a highly sacred tree in Celtic mythology and it is a sign of honour and regalness, symbolising peace and goodwill. Druids believed it gave protection against lightning strikes and evil. To this day, holly still holds a special place in Irish homes.

THE OAK TREE is the most sacred and noble in Celtic mythology. It symbolises strength, wisdom and endurance. The Celts had a great reverence for the oak which was associated with kingship. Medieval sources record ruling families having at least one sacred tree outside the family’s ring-fort.

THE CLADDAGH design features two hands clasping a heart and surmounted by a crown design. These elements symbolize the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown). The Claddagh is an icon of Irish identity.