Names of Hibernia celebrates the history, culture, and heritage of families and clans whose values and achievements are proudly remembered from one generation to the next.

In 2016, husband-and-wife team Ben and Susanne McCarthy joined forces with one of Europe’s foremost heraldic illuminators and calligraphers to create their very own catalogue of the Irish family’s armorial bearings using styles and techniques similar to those used in early heraldic design.

These unique hand-painted Coats of Arms bring together the different elements of heraldic symbolism from our Celtic past, from Pre-Christian mythology, and from the Irish traditions connecting the past to the present.

The stylised fashion in which they depict the hand-painted charges in the shields and crests echoes that of early heraldic ensigns that were originally used to distinguish ruling families, and as dynastic and territorial emblems, in times of war and peace.

Names of Hibernia’s aim is to establish itself as a leader in heraldic designs by producing original works of high-quality Coats of Arms that embody Irish family’s legacies for the benefit of both present and future generations.